DOMA & Abortion

So its hard to ignore all of the giant political issues that are going on right now. Our country is at a crossroads on so many issues. It is invigorating and maddening in the same moment. Of course everyone has an opinion on these matters, including myself. Not that my opinion is right but I do feel like I need to voice through this medium.

So first on the agenda, DOMA. This week the Supreme Court struck down the defense of marriage act, calling it unconstitutional. I feel like this is a great step forward for America and humanity. The detractors feel this is a great blow to America because of their religious and moral objections. While these objections are sometimes valid, I feel that they are coming from a place of misunderstanding and ignorance. Many people that oppose gay rights to marriage will quote the Bible in the defense of their position. While I think its fair and just for them to do this, I respectfully disagree with their point.

I am not going to argue which religion is right or wrong. I am also not going to argue that those people arent entitled to their beliefs. What I am going to do is ask question. What difference does it make to you in your daily life? Let’s suppose that their argument that homosexuality is a sin as valid. Okay, it’s a sin. How does that effect you and your life? Won’t that gay person have to answer to God, not you? Why have you chosen to pick this one sin as the thing to hang your hat on? In other words, if sin is the issue, why arent you concerned with the adulterous congress people or the million other sinful people in the world? Isn’t it easier for you and the world to let these “sinners” answer to God, than to make them feel like lesser beings while we are on this Earth? The God I choose to believe in is a just and forgiving God, no matter the sin if you ask his forgiveness

Now this isn’t to say that I subscribe to the belief that homosexuality is a sin. I am simply arguing against the idea that we must put a stop to gay marrying is ridiculous.  Nevermind the fact that heterosexual people do not exactly treat marriage with the reverence and sanctity that the opposition would have us believe exists.

All I am saying is that every person on this planet has the right to the pursuit of happiness regardless of whether or not people thing its wrong.  If what I am doing is not causing direct physical harm to you or other people, what is the problem?

So the next issue that took place this week was abortion rights. In Texas there was a bill before their legislation attempting to limit women’s right to abortion. Let me first say that abortion is not something that I would see as an option in my life. However, I am a man and I have never been faced with the issue directly. That being said, I will defend with my last breath the right for a woman to make that decision.

People who oppose abortion rights often make it seem as if scores of slutty women run around fucking their brains out and then head down to the abortion clinic so they can start all over. That is just not the case overall. While I am sure there are some few people that abuse the choice, I cant believe that the majority of people take it so lightly. Choosing to have an abortion, I am sure, is a very very difficult decision for anyone that has done it.

The point I am trying to make here is that having an abortion should be a decision that is made between a woman, her partner, and the physician. This is not something that the government should meddle in too much. Should their be some sort of regulation, Yes. Should their be an outright ban, No.

Similar to the gay marriage issue, just because something is legal does not mean you have to participate in it. If you do not agree with it do not take part. I ask again, how is what I am doing effecting your life? If I am sinning or aborting a fetus how is you life effected?

Again, I will say that my views are not for everyone. They are simply my take on these issues. I will also say that they are complex issues and very hard to make a decision or have an opinion on. We often think that issues are black and white. When most of the time they are very grey. All I can ask is that before you take some to the cross to crucify them ask yourself, is it really worth it in the long run?

6000th Tweet

So this here is my 6000th tweet. First I would like to thank all the little people who have made this possible. I am not sure whether to celebrate or hang my head in defeat. When I look back over the last couple of months worth of tweets I have said a whole lot of nothing.

I started a twitter account with the intention of writing jokes and other funny quips to entertain mostly myself. I quickly found myself caught up in the twitter universe. How can I get more followers? How do I get the attention of  celebrities? You know, the usual shit.

What I found was a bit disheartening. To gain any sort of “fame” as a normal person you have to force yourself into a one of two molds. Fortunately, I am not one of those people. Frankly it is upsetting to me the game you have to play to gain popularity.  So I stuck to my guns and developed a small following of people who I genuinely appreciate and find humorous.

In summation, twitter is a template for what high school was for me.  A bunch of popular kids I dislike and a few cool people that will eventually rule the world. Meanwhile those popular kids sit at home drinking and getting fat until its ten years and 3 kids later and they are super duper sad.


So I decided to join the 19th century and open a tumblr blog. Im not 100% sure on how I will use this medium to control your thoughts and actions just yet. However, rest assured the 10’s of people that might one day read this will be under some sort of spell. By spell I most definitely mean heavy medication for a myriad of mental illnesses.

For now this seems as good as an outlet as any to propagate my thoughts feelings and rants to the outside world. Plus its my favorite number FREE